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General update of sorts

*kicks self* I need to remember to update this more, really. >_>

Since last time, sleepy_bird came to visit, which was made of win. I miss you already! We ended up going to Saugatuck for the day. (Jess and I went there last year, but in May, so this time we could swim!) Naturally the day we went was the second day ALL SUMMER Saugatuck had hideous thunderstorms. >_> Fortunately, it cleared up a little after one and we got to do all the fun stuff like sand dune buggy rides and drinking on a paddle wheel boat and swimming in Lake Michigan.

I have also written more fanfiction, which is sad and pathetic but also kind of fun. Next up: add another part to my 'nothing actually happens' Code Geass fic, and write fanfiction of my own work for rzyna. This means porn. >_> Considering I have written exactly one porn scene before and the thought of doing this is making my muse hide, we'll see how well it goes.

Speaking of fanfiction, Jess and I made a community for our shared efforts, here: teashopmuses. So far it's got her hurt!Dean story on it, Wheelchair Detective. I'm going to post my stuff soon too (which is: pre-series Supernatural fic starring Jessica, and the first part of a case fic that is the sequel to Jess's story). The one I'm working on is set in a library! Yay?

Also, we started watching How I Met Your Mother, which is a lot of fun. I love NPH like whoah. But I am also quite irritated because the second disk is possibly damaged, which, dude, I just bought this. >_< So it had to have come that way. I just brought it to work and cleaned it and it LOOKS like all the marks are gone, so let's hope I don't have to either figure out how to use the DVD repair machine here, or force some poor store to give me an exchange on it.

That's about it in my sad, pathetic life as of late. ^_^;;

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