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Conversations with Carter

After adding in that bit about condoms to the last entry, I couldn't resist posting the conversation that led up to it...

If you read blueslee's journal, that's where he mentioned needing condoms. If you know chocolatedeath (Devin) at ALL, the last comment is very very amusing.

Me: Why did you need condoms? For the movie?
Carter: Movie needs condoms to hold blood.
Me: ........right.
Me: How many do you need? Nonlubricated?
Carter: Ideally, yes.
Carter: A lot.
Me: See, Jess is going to send you your christmas/birthday presents so she can get Angel season one (if you recall THAT deal) and we can throw condoms in if you like. At least some so you can get started. o_o
Me: And can get nonlubricated.
Carter: I see. o_o
Me: There. I updated lj again, to add in this conversation. >_>
Me: Anyway, yes or no?
Carter: >_<
Carter: Sure, why not.
Me: Heh, you SHOULD ask Devin for them... bet he'd love to comply.
Carter: >_<
Me: What?
Carter: I would get 200 chocolate flavored condoms and an illegible note telling me not to waste them on girls.
Me: Well, you shouldn't waste them on girls. :-P
Carter: :-P

And then, about Aslan (my gay cat) and Becker (my other male cat):

Me: Dude, Azzy hissed at Becker.
Carter: What'd Becker do?
Carter: o_o
Me: Molest him, I think.
Carter: And?
Me: Azzy no like it?
Carter: I can't manage to believe that.
Me: He didn't!
Me: Becker's rough!
Carter: Uh huh.
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