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My kingdom for some AC

Something I forgot in my previous post is that the air conditioning at work has been broken since Wednesday. It's just in the back room, where we all work, but naturally this is the hottest it's been in awhile and so it's getting like 90F back here, which is not good for either us or the computers.

The Director called a company to fix it Wednesday morning before she left for vacation, and they told her they'd come Thursday, the next day. The next day B came in and called them, as they hadn't appeared by 12:30pm, and they were like, "We didn't get your message! We'll be there tomorrow!" B and I both pronounced that bullshit, but what can you do?

Friday comes, and they call to say there's been an emergency and they'll come Monday. At that point, our treasurer was like, "Fuck this!" (in different language; I think she actually said, "This is ridiculous!") and called a different company, then went home for the day. Two hours later the second company sends out a rep (so I am the only left who knows what to do and have to drag him around showing him things), who pronounced the problem motor-related and said he'd be back Monday with a new one.

The guy is here now with the new motor. It's 82F back here atm, but I have visions of it being 74F like it should be soon. I'm really sick of hauling my fan everywhere I go because otherwise I will sweat and end up with heat rash. >_>

In other news, this icon amuses me.
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