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1. I have a new phone. This is remarkable because my old cell was probably six years old and had been lying to me for quite some time. (No, really - it would almost never put up the right name when someone called me. It would claim Allison but it would be my dad, for example.) It also had the suckiest earpiece ever to suck (constant buzzing when in use and would only work if it was positioned juuuuuuuuust right).

The new phone is blue and has a touch screen and a pull out keyboard so I can actually text! (I could NOT figure out T9 for the life of me.) Plus the earpiece works and there is no buzzing! And it's blue!

2. I have decided to write (at least) one of the prompts in spnkink_meme. Yes, this means I am going to write pr0n. I'm already frightened. (But I suspect most people think I need to pop that cherry already anyway. I'm not sure why I can't write porn when I am so dirty-minded otherwise. >_>)

3. We has new friend! 13chapters is way cool, yo. And a July baby (of course)! Now all I need to do is go visit my brother and meet wave_obscura. ^_-

4. I was sick yesterday and came home from work early and slept. It was nice. I should probably have stayed home today but I don't have THAT much sicktime and I'm just kind of run-down now as opposed to running an actual fever. Still.

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