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Got home early today!

I spent today being bored out of my skull at a website training session, but on the other hand I got home early (like, two hours early), so Jess and I did several things:

1. I cut her hair out on the balcony (I took about two inches off and then layered it). It actually looks really good. I am way proud, yo.

2. We went out for Thai food. Nummy nummy Thai food, even if I couldn't get Thai iced tea. Sad face. :(

3. We went and saw Jennifer's Body, mainly because my girl crush Amanda Seyfried (Lilly on Veronica Mars and also Sophie from Mamma Mia!) is in it. (You know I love her because my computer may be named Veronica, but the wireless network I run is named Lilly.) But we also went because Kyle Gallner (Beaver from VM) is in it too. I'd also heard that it was actually pretty good for a movie about a girl who gets a demon in her and starts eating boys. What I wasn't expecting was a makeout scene between Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox. It was much hotter than I would have expected, given that Megan Fox isn't really my type. But... yeah. Wow.

4. We completely failed to do anything else like buy groceries.

I have to go to a preschool every day for the next three weeks days. Oy. @_@
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