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The vargaries of my wallet

My wallet appears to have started spontaneously generating twenty-dollar bills. o_o

I don't mind, of course, but it's very odd. I thought I had just one, but yesterday when I went to pay for some stuff for the library, I found two. 'Awesome!' I thought, 'so I have $35 less the $5 for supplies instead of $15. Sweet.'

Then Jess and I ordered dinner because we're lazy, and I paid the guy off with the other $20 and the $10 and got $3 back. "I have $8 now," I announced to Jess, going to put the money in my wallet... where I found another $20. @_@

This set off a bit of a panic that I had accidentally underpaid the delivery guy, but I gave him two bills for sure, and I still had the $5. The only conclusion? The third $20 just appeared. (wave_obscura insists it's hers, but if that's the case, then my wallet has started raiding people on the opposite coast's wallets for spare change, and that's hardly any less strange.)

I suppose I should just learn to stop worrying and love the bomb money-generating thing. :P
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