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Another lol!Becker moment

As some of you know, Jess's cat Becker likes to drag her clothes around the house. Mostly it's socks, but sometimes he does underwear or bras or, one memorable time, her jeans. Usually, though, it's a sock, and he brings it to her (or me, sometimes) and presents it like it's something he killed. ("Awww, did you kill a sock for me?" is the standard reaction.) Generally he yowls while he's trying to find us, which is interesting because his mouth is full so it comes out all, "MRRRRROOOOOOWLGR!"

Last night he comes yowling his way up the stairs, carrying a sock in his mouth by the tip of the toe, so the rest is dragging on the ground. As he's coming into my room (yowling all the way), he accidentally steps on the dragging part and trips. And faceplants on the carpet.

Whoever said cats are graceful never met Becker. >_>

(This entry, however, has made me realize that I need a lol!Becker icon.)

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