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o_o, literally

I've been hovering on sick for awhile (so what else is new?), with a swollen uvula and now swollen glands in my throat. I also need exercise, but it is Cold ('round 40 during the day, low 30s in morning) and Wet recently, so I can't go on a walk like I wanted. (Indoor aerobics are offputting atm because I also have managed to get myself heat rash again. Sigh. Thus my desire for walks.)

So I decided we would go to the mall, so I could 1. walk and 2. make my damn eye appointment, as I'm going to run out of contacts soon. When we got the eye doctor's, they were like, "Hey, want to have your exam RIGHT NOW?" So I did.

Eyes are healthy, contacts are ordered, glasses are sliiiiightly wrong prescription but not enough for me to drop $300 fixing that when I already dropped almost $400 on contacts and exam. However, my eyes got dilated, so currently I am all o_o and have to keep shutting lights off so they stop stabbing me. Computer is difficult too. It's like having a migraine, but without the crushing headache and nausea. Which is, I suppose, a Good Thing. ^_^;

I should probably get off the computer but instead I am going to write more silly fanfiction about ice cream. Well, for a few minutes at least. *nods*
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