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This is not my week

And it's only Monday. @_@

So, aside from having my writing lambasted on the interwebs (oh the agony!) yesterday, this week (i.e. today) has contained:

1. I got maybe three hours of sleep last night, all broken up.

2. I arrived at work to discover the printers I helped set up Friday all mysteriously don't work. Follow this with two hours of me trying to fix this, in the process screwing up two of the patron computers by trying to network them, and finally having to Call Someone to get it fixed. I then spent another hour actually implementing the fixes. They're fixed now, but—

3. I discovered Office 2007 doesn't protect you from dragging things from the start menu to the desktop, so I accidentally yanked Word, Power Point, and Excel out of the start menu entirely when I went to put shortcuts on the desktop. This doesn't happen in older versions and I have no frickin' clue why they changed it. I managed to put all three back on the start menu, but they're no longer in the office folder because I couldn't find it and I was sick of dealing with it.

4. As I was writing 1-3, the entire internet here at the library decided to die! Wheeee! So now I’m trying to fix that (this is being written in a file). I had to Call Someone again, I haven’t eaten yet and it’s almost 2:30, and I have to wait longer to see if it starts working again or not. I haven’t had time to go to the bathroom!

5. Okay, internet is back up, and it’s now 3:10 and I still haven’t eaten or gone to the bathroom. And now some lady is like "SHOW ME HOW TO USE THE ELLISON MACHINE." I'm still downloading conversion software, bitch! ...Oh good, B is helping her. @_@

6. Oh good, it's done. Off to install it and THEN EAT OMG.
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