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This is not my week, continued

This morning I got to work early so I could figure out what happened to the email I get before taking an online class. (I had dreams about this. >_>) After finding it in the trash (guess I deleted it for some asinine reason), I signed on and then went to find G, who was taking the class with me.

My office is on the second floor, and there is this ledge along the whole floor (it's more of a loft than a true second floor). I was running my hand along it while looking for G on the first floor, but I failed to remember that we had a flag pinned up there once and the nails are still there. So I hit one and managed to rip out a hunk of flesh on my index finger. @_@ Fun!

In other news, I have insane dreams. Or at least last night's dream once I finished dreaming about my stupid online class was completely fucked up. Ask if you want more details, but know that it involved 1. me being someone else, specifically male, 2. a duck friend I picked up who could quack the TMNT cartoon theme and dance with me to it, 3. me falling down a waterfall, and 4. a town full of spooky people who'd booby-trapped their lake and wanted to kill me but were easily calmed by the strains of a quacking, dancing duck. @_@
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