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Seleca's Harp

NaNo update >_>

I finished chapter fourteen and wrote almost all of chapter fifteen of The Kingmaker's Ring when I realized something. I hate almost everything I wrote for chapter fifteen. But I can't erase it or I'll be even more ridiculously behind than I already am (I am behind to the tune of ~10K. IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!).

So, I started something else. My theory is that come December I can erase all that stuff I don't like and then finish the chapter properly, but in the meantime, I'll write what I was actually planning to write before I decided to do The Kingmaker's Ring instead. Namely, Freak Investigations, Inc., which is - how did I put it - 'a story of a girl named Bella and how she always ends up solving mysteries with a supernatural bent. She also has a stalker vampire she can't stand.'

I've already written the first two chapters. ^_^

I'll post chapter fourteen of The Kingmaker's Ring to fier and then start posting that instead. (Sorry, joellehart! But I will finish it, I promise!)

If you would like to be able to read it (and you can't already), friend fier and I'll friend you back. ^_^
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