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It's been one of those days

Things I have managed to do today:

1. Not wear a proper coat as I failed to notice it went from 40s to 20s.
2. Collapse an ENTIRE SHELF of books onto me.
3. Have to check all my tires for low pressure in said 20s in only my sweater with no gloves in the dark in Ohio.
4. Get home over half an hour late because of above.
5. CONSTANTLY drop noodles and sprouts on myself at our dinner (at a Thai place, mmmmm).
6. Develop heat rash (I know why, but it still sucks balls).
7. Have to fix my computer keyboard at home.
8. Fail to write much of anything.

I can has do-over?

(Actually I'm more amused than anything. I pretty much just started laughing when I collapsed the shelf.)
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