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Can you tell I'm bored?

One of the guys who takes the parking tickets always hits on me, but in a vaguely flattering way (as opposed to a creepy old-guy-hitting-on-young-woman way). He IS a creepy old guy in looks (like, 50 maybe? He also has funny arms which are at least six shades darker than the rest of him), but at least what he says isn't too creepy. The fact that he's saying it at all weirds me out a touch, but he seems harmless enough.

Him: Oh, hello, smart girl!
Me: (smiling because I'm nice to him even if it's vaguely odd) Hello.
Him: (as he takes the ticket) You're so smart and cute. Did you know that?
Me: No, but thank you.
Him: It takes a smart man to see it!
Me: .... Thank you.

There is an exchange about the $20 I give him (no, didn't have anything smaller), and then he starts giving me my change, but stops dead after the bills. After a second, I realize he's waiting for me to perform an amazing mental feat and calculate the change in my head, then tell him. So I do.

Him: So smart! And so cute! You have a good day!
Me: Yes, you too.

I think he got the idea I'm some sort of mental math dynamo because of the last time, when he got confused and I asked very politely for my nickel, which I knew I had coming because, well, I AM a mental math dynamo. At least when it comes to getting correct change. ^_-
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