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Why does the cardinal hate me, Mommy?

So when I first started working here, there was this brain-addled cardinal who lived in the bushes outside the windows in the children's area. She (yes, she) would deliberately fly into the windows beak-first all the time. So you'd hear 'tap tap bonk tap tap' for hours. She did this for years, which led to many jokes (like once when we had to count stats such as how many people walked through the door, G added to our sheet 'how many cardinal taps on the windows') and attempts to dissuade her, like putting a fake crow in a window. However, cardinals do not live forever, and eventually it stopped.


Now there is a NEW cardinal doing it. This one's a boy, and he's been flying into the windows and fucking GLARING at me (and anyone else) whenever I'm near them. It's enough to give some people complexes, haha.

"Why does the cardinal hate me, Mommy?"

"Oh, he doesn't hate you, he just wants to PECK YOUR EYES OUT."

I've decided that he must be the original one's progeny. "Okay, son, let me show you how to fly- *BONK*" Either that or she instilled in him a great hatred of library patrons and/or glass. :P

Also, apparently it decided to be all hot today (it's 79 F out there). But. It's that hot in HERE too. I do not play well with heat, especially not when I am very tired. So I am a very unhappy Harp. It doesn't help that Son of Crazy Bird is banging his merry head against the windows right now. :P
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