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I may try for more coherency later, but currently my thoughts are such:

1. I really dislike the Lisa thing, mostly for reasons I will quote myself saying because I am too lazy to reword this. :P

"I'm actually somewhat irritated with all the Lisa crap - I mean, I understand WHY Dean is obsessed with the idea of her (not HER, though), but I cannot understand why she isn't CREEPED THE FUCK OUT by him, haha. I mean, seriously, she's seen him twice before, and the third time he comes up and is all suicidal and stalker-y at her. It just seems really disingenuous to me. And it's not that I'm such a wincest fan either. :P I'd be less irritated if it were Cassie, or some other woman he actually KNEW at least a little. I seriously hope she's just like 'Here, beer and dinner and you're not suicidal? Great! NOW GO AWAY.' Or at least 'We can be friends but THAT'S ALL.' :P Because otherwise she's really kind of stupid and I can't respect her. NO MATTER HOW MUCH I LOVE DEAN. :P"

I realize that he's mostly there because Sammy told him to go there, but whatever, I still am annoyed that it's Lisa, and I'm annoyed at her if she takes him, because holy GOD she shouldn't.

2. I kind of dislike the Chuck/god reveal, but then again, the way this show was going the only way TO go was with a literal deus ex machina.

3. I'm annoyed that they messed with the only two het OTPs I have, haha. I liked Chuck/Becky, and I feel like Jess keeps getting short shrift. She doesn't come up at all in heaven (Couldn't Sam have asked about her? Had a memory in their apartment together? SOMETHING?) and Lucifer doesn't dangle her as a carrot either, just Sam's PARENTS. Sigh. THEN AGAIN, NOW I WANT TO WORK ON PERFECTLY NORMAL. :P


It would help if I didn't have a fever right now, I suspect. >_>
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