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I SO called it!

So ever since my muse caved in and allowed me to think (albeit she only has allowed two stories, one an AU of the first so it's more like one story with two different endings) about Harry Potter fanfiction, she's been spinning her own version of random stuff that happens in their fifth year, chosen of course since it wasn't published yet and she was free to wreak havoc with them how she chose.

One of the things I decided on while creating this fanfiction was that Ron simply *had* to join the Quidditch team. As he has a slow broom and as Wood had moved on, we decided Ron was the new Keeper (and Angelina the captain, but I have no confirmation on that). While looking at the description for book five on Amazon, I saw, lo and behold... Ron IS the Keeper for Gryffindor now!

I am SO good.

Incidentally, 896 pages. *faints*
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