Seleca's Harp (selecasharp) wrote,
Seleca's Harp

Can't sleep, clowns might eat me

I haven't slept much at all this week for various reasons (at most five hours a night), and I'm up again now, so I figure I'll just write down the little rant I've been composing while attempting to sleep and then hope I can fall asleep for an hour before I have to get up again (I've gotten maybe four so far tonight).

Basically, I've been kinda anxious over posting my big bang story, and I did yesterday. But, like always, a few hours after I posted it I looked at it again to see if I'd missed anything, and for the first time saw a missing letter in the FIRST LINE. (Keep in mind that not only have I read over this bitch at least ten times, I've had two other people look it over too, and somehow this escaped all of us.) Because I am an anal retentive perfectionist when it comes to grammar/punctuation/spelling, I immediately fixed it, but it was still up for awhile that way, and now I'm going to be rereading all 52K of this tomorrow to look for more. But seriously, WTF? Why didn't I see this before? And why does shit like this get to me so much? (At least it wasn't the wrong 'its/it's' or the wrong 'your/you're' or something, because otherwise I'd have had to commit grammar seppuku. :P) I kind of think it's because in my final edit last night, I did part one last, so I was quite, quite tired by then.

I usually do mistakes of this kind - leaving off a letter (it was phone and should have been phones) or leaving out little words (like it or in) as opposed to using the wrong word or having typos (like adn or whatnot), and it drives me craaaaazy that I can't see them until the damn thing's posted. It's enshrined with the missing s in a pdf someone made for me, and this makes me sadface too. But it shouldn't be affecting my sleep! I mean, come on, me!

I suppose there's a reason my nickname in high school was The Almighty Grammar Queen in All Her Dark Glory. Actually, I'm pretty sure that still is my nickname. Or should be. :P

Okay, back to try to sleep.

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