Seleca's Harp (selecasharp) wrote,
Seleca's Harp

My appliances are conspiring

So part of the reason I haven't posted in forever is that I've been under constant attack by my (and by 'my' I mean either mine or Jess's) appliances and/or mechanical possessions. In the last week or so,

-Jess's car has refused to start. Again. (This time it's NOT the battery, so it's probably the alternator. Wooo just what I needed when already broke!)
-The dryer broke (after running for SIX HOURS because the dial broke, but the heat broke too so at least it didn't set the place on fire)
-My shower tub cracked (my dad has patched it, which I am praying will hold)
-The fridge has gone on the outs (the freezer is fine, strangely, so we have buckets of ice in the fridge, but it smells weird now because some chicken went bad)
-Jess's cell phone pitched a fit and had to be replaced (fortunately it was under warranty)
-ETA to add that my phone charger and the ipod adapter for the car also broke @_@

Jesus. @_@ No wonder I'm having issues with depression. I can't afford to deal with all of this. >_<

In better news, I wrote fic for 13chapters and fromageordeath! I figured I'd mention it here in case they didn't see it on the comm. It's here.

I'll attempt to remember to update again soon. There's a repairman coming tomorrow for the fridge, at least. (He'll look at the dryer too, as they're the same brand name.) And Jess's dad is coming to look at her car today, so *crosses fingers*
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