Seleca's Harp (selecasharp) wrote,
Seleca's Harp

I'm back!

After having ignored LJ entirely since January 10 (@_@), I am now slowly making my way through the backlog, now that I am not a. ridiculously busy at work and b. too stressed from being busy at work to do it after work. I was gone so long I can't even read my friends page, as it wouldn't go back far enough, so instead I'm going through my friends list and reading each one individually. It's taking awhile, but I am actually sort of close to done! o_O!

Anyway, so, update. Virginia was awesome, and we saw my friends and sharks and stitched coral and it was great. :D Alas, I had to come back. Boooo. I did get to give Maddy her boo, though, which is awesome. :D

I went home early yesterday for weather and stayed home today for it as well, because it was literally illegal for me to drive to work this morning. Good thing too, as I spent almost half the day sleeping, so I think I was sort of sick anyway. I feel better though. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so no work yet again, and I can sleep in a bit (appointment's at noon), which is good too. I think I will actually (gasp!) write after I get back from this appointment! Like I've been meaning to for the last month!

Unfortunately, Tara seems to be sick. :( She's only eaten a couple bites at her last couple meals, and in between (after she hadn't eaten much) she vomited, like, everywhere. I have no idea where she got all that from. ;_; Now she's sleeping in my room and purring whenever you touch her and walking around all gingerly, none of which is terribly normal behavior for her. Jess is taking her to the vet tomorrow. She's not super-hot to the touch and doesn't seem to be in pain anywhere, and her nose is still damp, but considering that she is normally a food whore she probably should get looked at.

Anyway, that is all I can think of. FOR NOW. I should probably actually go deal with the laundry and then get ready for bed. >_> Goodnight!
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