Seleca's Harp (selecasharp) wrote,
Seleca's Harp

Three things

1. I have picked up YET ANOTHER cold. I got kicked out early yesterday for coughing so much. It's mildly better today, probably because I actually slept, something I hadn't done ALL WEEKEND. Sigh.

2. Tara is much better. It looks like her problem was that she was backed up with hairballs. No, seriously. @_@ She's spent the last few days throwing up massive gobs of hair, which is disgusting, but she's also acting totally normal again and her stomach isn't so hard now. Yay for kitty laxatives! (It's catnip flavored and she HATES it, haha. Azzy likes it though.)

3. The zipper on my pants just broke. @_@ And yes, I'm at work. Good thing I've got a long shirt on today. I'll see if my mother can replace it, because these are my favorite pants. :(
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