March 27th, 2004



So, now I work on Saturdays, too. Well, except for the screening Saturday and graduation Saturday. The very first thing I did was fill in my time card wrong and try to put today's stuff in Sunday's slot. Sigh.

Andrea told me it's because some psycho threatened her last Saturday, so they finally realized only one person around on weekends is not a good thing, so I get to come babysit for a couple hours till close. I think they're foisting some work-study person off on me for Sundays.

In other news, I'm ALMOST done with the character portraits for MitM. Just three more to go, and they're for characters I didn't originally have up (yes, more! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! ...okay, not really, they're teachers we've already seen).

In still more news, I have a paper I need to do soon. Yes, I am avoiding it. Whee! I'll research it tomorrow, actually - I did a bunch of crap today at work I usually do at work, freeing up tomorrow at work. If that made sense.
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Woe is me!

Nobody random has added me. Nobody loves me. *sniff*

Somebody randomly friended Jess, see, and someone ELSE sent her fanmail. Is it wrong to wonder why Fruit Flies has more readers? @_@ Not that I'm all "Rar! I am BETTER!" but... I'm not worse. ;_;

I think it's the simpler thing. Which saddens me, because I'd like to do something simpler. But I love my boys too much to change now. And it's not like NO ONE reads me. ^_^;

Seleca, SHUT UP. >_< No! NO!

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