March 28th, 2004



Both pixymisa and I have lost our minds.

We're both going to do another comic. @_@ She's doing some sort of serious/funny fantasy manga thingy. I'm holding off on that (for awhile, because trust me, I have ideas) and going for a simpler sort of comic. Only five characters to deal with at first, for a long while, and only vague notions of plot. But a hell of a premise (and someone shoot me for that pun).

Heaven help me, I'm doing Syndicate Perdition.
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This guy who wants to use the phone smells like...wheat or something. VERY STRONGLY. He was something like twelve feet away, and I was nearly bowled over by the smell. I guess it could be worse; he could smell like BO or shit or something. Still. Now he's only about four feet away. @_@

And he said "liberry." Grr. And I'm a "liberrian."
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You know, that work-study student supposed to be here to protect me from psychos and smelly guys?

So not here.
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