April 21st, 2004



I got another job inteview today, this one for the one that's about 80 miles away and is a teen position. I checked their website and they have, like, nothing for teens, so it would probably be a lot of fun. It's also not as far away as some of the others, so... I guess we'll see, ne? It's on the 29th. I'm happy. ^_^
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    Hallelujah again. grrrr.

Like a lemming...

So, here's the deal. You can ask me three questions, and I have to answer them. Truthfully, I suppose.

But! The catch! You have to post this whole "ask me three questions" thing to your own journal if you ask me anything, because you must suffer answering as well! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    Friars - Medley of Crap