May 12th, 2004


Good news?

Gwen finally got back to me, and I get to work some tomorrow and Friday, and next week (and probably as long as I need it). This is good because I still need money. ^_^; I'll also take in my resume, because now I qualify for a sub reference librarian position there too, which I can also do for awhile for money.

I have an interview for a sub position in a public library tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. I keep remembering it as being on the 11th (yesterday), but I wrote it down as being on the 13th. I think my memory remembers that because the interview is at 11:00 am, so I keep thinking "11". At least I hope so. I should have enough time to do the interview and then get to work (Gwen gave me hours based on that), but if not I can call her, and I'll still get the full time even if the hours are adjusted a bit. Gwen is cool that way.

But I still want a goddamn actual job. >_< I STILL haven't heard from the two places where I interviewed, or from any of the others I applied to except one (I'm not getting it unless some of the other applicants mysteriously die or something, alas). Sigh. I may be forced to email them or something on Friday if I haven't heard by then. I hope I don't have to call...

I think I'm going to go write.
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