May 23rd, 2004



Saturday's comic was late. Why? Because I had to draw a lot more than I have been for it. Why? Because the muse bit me on the ass and MADE me draw an entirely too risqué comic, all because when I went to the club last night for gay night, I got myself thoroughly entranced with this boy who looked like Courtney, except for the blond thing.

And I wasn't the only one. Another boy who looked like Taylor? Yeah, he got entranced too. Especially when the Courtney-boy took off his shirt and started pole-dancing. Ye GODS. After THAT display (during which Jess accused me of cruising the boy, of having an expression a là Brian of Queer as Folk, and of being sexy), the muse was, shall we say, inspired. And this is the result.

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I think I'm blushing.
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