June 3rd, 2004



Ever since I started giving Aslan his meds, he coughed some this morning and hasn't since, just a bit of sneezing. Yay! It seems to be working. ^_^ He was being a little food whore earlier, and I remembered that his pills are also an appetite stimulant. Whee. But maybe he'll gain weight then, because he's gotten to almost eight pounds even, and he needs to be 9-10.

Also, the pool stayed open today, even though it rained! It never thundered, though, and when I got back at eight I saw some guy wandering around, so I went to ask him. He was all, "Do you want me to keep it open for you? I was going to close, but I will if you want." So I got to swim, too! And it was overcast! *gasp*

And the Amazon package came today, so I can finally see Into the Woods! *dances*

I have to try to get an appointment tomorrow for a pelvic exam. Feh.

And I have a nametag now, and it says that I'm a reference librarian. Wheee! Now, to get a full-time job...
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    Into the Woods - Prologue