June 21st, 2004


*crosses fingers*

I was starting to think I definitely hadn't gotten the most recent job, as they said they'd decide within a few days (they interviewed on Tuesday), so I expected to hear from them by Friday/Saturday.

I have some new hope now, though. See, they asked for references who weren't supervisors. This sucks because Gwen (my current supervisor) is my best reference, and of the three I usually list, there are two supervisors. However, I had once asked Erin the teen librarian if she'd be a reference, so I put her instead of Eva the supervisor. But I still needed one more, so I figured Laura, who actually knows me better than Eva anyway, would be a good choice. She's also a children's librarian too, yo. So I put her as a reference and emailed her asking if it was all right.

She got back to me today saying she'd been on vacation, so she was sorry it took so long, and that it was fine with her. My new hope stems from the fact that the job people couldn't have gotten hold of her before, and maybe THAT'S why they're delaying. ^_^;;;

Please please please, I want to leave this place and stop worrying and only move once...
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