July 9th, 2004


Alas, a serious post

Meh. I feel stupid because I'm sitting here all slightly freaked because an irate mother just chewed the library out via shrieking at me. I mean, I was very calm while talking to her and just quietly took it, but it was really disconcerting anyway. I hate being yelled at. I especially hate being yelled at for things that technically have jack-shit to do with me. (I'm a freakin' sub, not the head of children's services! I don't actually have any effect on ANYTHING remotely resembling policy! Yelling at me is basically useless - the only thing it can POSSIBLY accomplish is making me think you're stupid or making me feel bad. People should at least find the right people to bitch at when they do it! I mean, I did - my friends list! =p) So I'm kind of shaky.

EDIT: I feel better now, actually, after one of the circ girls came over and made fun of the woman with the HR head. Then someone else came over and sympathized, telling me, "That person likes to complain." So I get kudos for the whole thing. Wheeee.

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But on the positive side, I know I CAN be very reasonable and calm during the entire encounter. This is a good thing, especially because they ask you about this sort of thing in interviews, and my previous worst patron was some guy who got mad at me for nothing and just flounced off.

Awww, but to make this all not a bitch-rant - a guy came up and asked me about selection processes, then said, "By the way, Diane and I really love this library. Just to balance it out a bit."
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