August 15th, 2004



Two years ago, in August, I developed uvulitis, in which the uvula (thing at the back of the throat) swells up and proceeds to annoy the living fuck out of you. Picture it: something stuck in your throat you can't cough out. The accompanying fever/aches/etc. aren't much fun either.

Two years ago in August, I think a virus caused it. We ended up going to the urgent care part of the hospital because the tip of my uvula looked white and Mom thought it might be strep. I got antibiotics and had it for about three more days, a length of time that isn't very conclusive. Did the antibiotics get an infection slowly, or did the sleeping and the fluids flush a virus out?

So the next year - in August - when I got uvulitis AGAIN, I assumed it was a virus and just rested and drank and whatnot. This was during the huge blackout, incidentally, so we had no power. Jess was sick too, and just imagine how utterly BORING it is to be sick with no power. Anyway, then I got what I thought was an abscess in my lip and so ended up at a hospital again (Health Services, due to the blackout, was closed). This time, it was an infection (abscess was an ulcer due to having an untreated throat infection), and I, again, got antibiotics. This time it went away very quickly.

And now, this August, my uvula is swollen again. Naturally, the day before I start my new job. I'm almost certain it's a virus this time (no sore throat, feel like I have a cold), but for Christ's sake, can't my uvula leave me the hell alone in August? What IS it about this month that my uvula hates so much!?!
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