September 3rd, 2004


Interview results 3

From cyrenasea

1. For reasons unknown, someone you've always disliked has given you power of attorney and all that jazz. He/she/it ends up on life support in a hospital in a mostly vegetative state which is punctuated only by vague moaning. Do you pull the plug and end his/her/its misery, or do you gleefully let him/her/it suffer for years? Or do you do something else entirely?

So BFA gave me power of attorney, hmm? I think I'd let him suffer for as long as he made me suffer - which, admittedly, was only a couple weeks, although he STILL annoys me. Maybe I'd let him suffer for a month or so. THEN I'd pull the plug. A nice combination of vindictiveness and decent humanity. ^_-

2. What do *you* do with the bodies?

I've always liked feeding their brains to my zombie horde, but the rest of the body gets dealt with in...creative ways. Ever since Snatch I've been fond of feeding them to pigs, but the blender and neighborhood dogs, various planters (they're HUGE on campus), and the like will do in a pinch. And, of course, burning them.

3. A genie pops out of your shampoo bottle, and offers you a wish. What do you wish for?

Hmm. I want to be a goddess/deity/supernatural thing that can fulfill any of my wishes (but not an enslaved genie!). Failing that runaround, the ability to control my weight by thought alone.

4. A controlling deity apprehends you, and insists that you pick a single food that you will be allowed to eat for the rest of your life. What food do you choose?

Ye gods. Um... spinach quiche. Because it has spinach in it, so I'd at least get SOME nutrition. @_@

5. You discover a trick that would allow you to murder one person, and only one person, with no chance of discovery. Who do you pick? (see I know you, and you wouldn't choose to ignore that trick out of a sense of morality, so I didn't even give you that option.)

Dubya, I think. But closer to the election, like, right before it. Either that, or Jerry Falwell/Fred Phelps/other types like that. But of course, *disclaimer* I have absolutely no intention of killing any important people, ever.
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