September 11th, 2004



I hit a squirrel today.

I've never hit a squirrel - or anything - before. I always go to great lengths to avoid it. In this particular instance, I saw the squirrel and hit the brakes and avoided it. It ran on, past me into the other lane, whereupon it decided to run back under my car and get hit by the wheel.

Sigh. I know I did everything I could not to hit it, and this squirrel was just apparently suicidal, but I still felt bad. So I called Jamie and talked to her for awhile. ^_^;

Incidentally, anyone remember this icon? Well, it's back!

Happy anniversary, Alli!
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Strange children, the ones who live here

So the neighborhood kids like to come torment play with our cats. They mostly play with Becker, because he's the only one allowed outside, but they've played with the kittens and Tara too. (Not Aslan, of course, HE runs like hell as soon as anyone who isn't us appears.) Becker is actually really good with them, not biting or scratching, despite the fact that they're all too small (like, 4-7) to be able to pick him up (Becker's a rather large and heavy cat).

Sometimes it amazes me - they come inside to play, and like, dude, I wouldn't have gone into strangers' houses at that age. They knock all the time, and sometimes we don't answer because we either don't want to deal with them (they will bug Becker till he starts warning) or we're tired/not dressed/having wild monkey sex. They've actually tried the door when we don't answer, and sometimes will attempt to walk in if we're outside with them. So not good. But I think they may be getting some manners from us too.

Anyway, today when I got home, they were waiting by my car. Collapse )

I'm glad I didn't poison the kid, but sheesh, who eats cat treats?
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