October 27th, 2004



Yesterday was the first time a random small child hugged me.

It was actually kind of sweet. The kindergartners have been coming for visits. I read them a story and tell them another, then have the Director do this puppet chicken thing the teachers requested (and I, as of yet, cannot do as I do not fit into the required shirt). During one of my stories I dropped the bits of paper I needed, so I went to pick them up. One of the boys in the front row scrambled to help me and very ceremoniously gave me a piece of yarn. I thanked him and continued. He also tried to talk to me quite a bit during all this, but would shut up if I put my finger to my lips.

After everything was over and the class was on its way out, said small boy came towards me with his hand out. Being that I'm only starting to be around children a lot, I thought he wanted to shake my hand. Instead he threw his arms around me and babbled about coming back to see me.

So, the question remains: What IS it with me and underaged guys?

EDIT: I'm a hit with kindergarten boys. Another one hugged me the day after this one did. =p
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