October 28th, 2004


Now! NOW!

I wanna work on my NaNo novel! I'm actually getting ideas for how to handle it! I even have an opening line (although this is subject to tweaking):

A diminutive figure flew into the room and demanded, "Have you done anything evil YET?"

I wanna write! Now! I don't wanna wait! I'm especially annoyed that November 1 is a Monday, so I can't stay up late and write! Damn you, calendar! DAMN YOU!!!!

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Not worrying about looking old, here

I helped a man at the desk today who, after I finished copying his stuff, asked if I'd been working here long. I told him not very, and he asked if today was my first day. I replied that I'd been there for about two months, which is slightly inaccurate as I gave the impression that it was less and later reckoning proves that it's been more.

Anyway, then he asked me if I were a high school student.

I started giggling and informed him that I was the Head of Children's Services. He seemed confused, so I clarified with, "I have a Master's Degree." He seemed a bit abashed but congratulated me and went on his way.

I'm going to love being mistaken for a college student when I'm over 30. ^_-
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