November 28th, 2004


Evil. Eeeeeeeeeevil...


Damn you joellehart! I still blame you for this unhealthy Sirius/Remus obsession of mine!

*sniffles* Damn angsty death fics. And being utterly exhausted isn't helping.
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So now, the actual update

Now that I've gotten my fanfiction-inspired madness out, a real entry.

Let's see. I got up at 5:15 am this morning to go to the airport. I got in around 9:40, got out at 9:50, went to Denny's and had breakfast, then back home, where I promptly got very confused. See, I have to work today. The library opens at one, and as it takes me an hour to get here I thought, "Okay, leave a bit before noon, all is good."

I forgot about the fact that I'm supposed to be here at 1230, not 100.

Er, oops?

I try to call T at 1230 to let him know. No answer. So, I get here (about 20 minutes late, 10 before it opens), and T isn't here. I go in, try to call him a few more times, then call the Director. No answer. I call T's backup. No answer. I try to figure out if the library is closed today. THEN T finally shows up with the Teen Librarian, whom he's gotten to unlock the place. I apologize to her. She says it's fine and departs. I still feel stupid. And very exhausted.

In retrospect, I totally shouldn't have started reading S/R fics.
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