December 27th, 2004


Ye gods

I'm so tired that I'm accusing kalium of not entertaining me enough, and not psychically knowing that I needed it. This apparently warrants the death sentence.

Anyway. So, vacation. Home to the family via plane and all. I had to take back a different suitcase as all the new crap wouldn't fit. Alas, I had to check it. I managed to get away with no checking on the way down.

I had to go back yesterday as I work all early and shit today, Monday. I had a flight that left at 8pm, to get me back around 9:30. All is well and good with the world - I'll see Jess before she goes off to work at midnight and I go to sleep to prepare for the early morning of cleaning the eight inches of snow off my car before work.

Except that they cancel the flight.

Naturally, it's the last one out.

They ended up shunting us onto a different plane that left much much MUCH later and taking us all there anyway, but it meant that I got back well after midnight and had to con my friend Becky into getting me, as Jess was already at work. It also means I got almost no sleep last night, so I'm tormenting the only person around on IM. Alas, poor kalium.

...I had something else to say, but I have since forgotten it in the two seconds since doing the code for the lj user name.
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Dream update(tm)

I remembered what I was going to say.

I dreamed that Jess and I were two guys in love. I was called John, although I was more or less Courtney (strange), and Jess was Shannon (stranger).

Anyway, it turned out my dentist had this complicated plot to kill me. This came after his office assistants informed me I owed them $629, even though I'd only paid about $100 for the same thing last time. I then spent the rest of the dream trying to unravel his plot and foil the villain.

It's cold in the library again.
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