January 14th, 2005



Last night I had this dream that shaynehunter and I were back in school, and one of our assignments was to go to an alternate dimension. Er, yeah. The dimension was one of a story, and so you dressed up as a character from it in order to go, so you could playact the part and...I don't know, learn something.

Anyway, we were supposed to go to this dimension called Haradhia, and I was going to be this huntress character, which involved wearing skimpy green clothing and having my hair tied up in a high ponytail. Jason was dressed as a mage, but for some reason he was going to the dimension Prahm, and wanted me to go there instead. I was going to agree but go in the machine after him and go to Haradhia instead, because I wanted to be the huntress, dammit!

R (the treasurer) from work was running the machine, but something went wrong when she tried to send Jason. All of his physical body remained here, but part of his spirit got sent to Prahm, and so he was all whacked out. It was odd. That's all I really remember.

I did come home early from work, and after some drama with dropping my car off for service, I took a nap and had this dream where I was driving around in caves with a bit of water on the ground, and I decided to turn into this secret cave, but the car skidded and I went into a deep pool. Water rushed in, and I was all, "Oh shit, I'm going to drown," and felt all horrid, like this couldn't be happening and I needed to get my seatbelt off and get the door open. Then I thought, "Wait, I don't think water would have rushed in that quickly," and woke up. I decided to stay up after that. >_>
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