March 1st, 2005



I saw a golden eagle the other day. It killed another bird (a crow, I think) midflight. As my brother said, "At first it was just kind of cool, but now it's REALLY cool!" I feel special. ^_^

Unfortunately, it's SNOWING again. My hatred for snow is now complete, as it broke my damn car scraper and froze the book drop at the library. Goddamn fucking snow.

That's all, I technically shouldn't even be on right now. *whistles*
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I never got the W-2 from my substitute librarian gig, which I know had to do with the post office losing it, beause they sent it before the community college did, and I got the college's but not theirs (so it wasn't a problem with forwarding). It was also kind of annoying because I gave this library my new address after I moved, but they apparently didn't bother updating their records. Anyway.

I contacted them and they tell me I have to pay $43.50 to get another one, as they outsource to some company for them and that's apparently the price. I was all, "What the hell?" because, you know, they're required to give me one and it's so not my fault I don't have it. I was going to send them a cheque and basically be all, "But I don't think I should pay this." However, they contacted me today - it turns out their personnel woman got confused and thought I had to have an *original*, when all I need is a copy. So she's mailing me a copy today.

*does happy dance*
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