March 9th, 2005


A quick story

After watching Ella Enchanted the other day (OMGWTFBBQ EEEEEEEEEEEVIL!!!!!!) I decided to reread the book (lovely! wonderful! WHY DID THEY FUCK THE MOVIE OVER SO BADLY!?!?!?!) again to cleanse my soul. I read about half and then fell asleep.

When I woke up later, Aslan was sleeping under the covers on my legs. I lifted up the covers and said to him, "Come here," thinking that, like Ella, he must obey me and it would get him off.

Then I remembered I am not, in fact, in a fairy tale and possessing of a cat magically inclined to obey.

Right. Moving on.

In other news, I need to do that 10 things meme sometime, as I want to tell the story of how I gave the Heimlich maneuver to a cat.
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