May 5th, 2005


When spiders attack!

Incident the first: I am at the circulation desk in the library, checking books in. I pick one up. A fairly large black spider CRAWLS OVER THE TOP OF THE BOOK INTO MY FINGER. I shriek like a little girl and throw it across the desk, causing patrons to look at me, the Director to come out of her office on the second floor to stare at me, and T to start laughing at me. I enlist his help in making sure the book is safe. The scream, incidentally, destroys my voice for the rest of the day.

Incident the second: While talking to Jess on the way home, she is attacked by a large spider crawling across the computer desk at her. She also screams like a little girl. Neither of us will sit at the computer without being armed with the bug-sucker after this.

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