May 12th, 2005


Giant mealworms of love!

I spent part of the morning reading a columnist that amuses me. I would quote entire columns, but I have not the room. So I present the two I saved, each from a different column.

From one about a music video created by some guy who seems to think America is about Love and Happiness and Puppies and things:

"I want to live the naivete, swim in tepid pools of happy blissful ignorance, regrow my hair past my shoulders and love my country so blindly and unquestioningly that everyone and everything becomes sweet and sticky and warm, like giant mealworms of love. This is, I imagine, how a mental patient must feel."

From one about what Jesus would have on his iPod:

"After all, Jesus was a rebel. Jesus was the Original Liberal. Jesus was a devoted pacifist and a badass egalitarian and his best friends were all whores and dissidents and freethinkers and miscreants, artists of every shape and size and haircut and of course, were he walking around today, Jesus would be pretty much loathed and ostracized if not outright hacked to bits by the Christian Right. "Goddamn hippie liberal tree hugger," they'd sneer, waving scythes and Bibles. "What the hell?" Jesus would say."

So true.
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