June 22nd, 2005


A tiny bit of cheer

So, first, they're trying to pass another amendment to prohibit flag-burning and thus, you know, mess with the right of freedom of expression AND sidestep the 1989 Supreme Court case that ruled it constitutional. It's passed the House, and while it may not pass, it's not impossible. So, head on over to senate.gov and say nay. H.J. Res 10 is the name, incidentally, of the proposed amendment.

On the more positive side, I read this article today, about the Anglican church's position on gay unions (and some stuff about how the non-British and North American Anglicans don't want to bless them). I want to quote practically the entire article, but here are the best bits, IMO:

The US primate, Bishop Frank Griswold, said: “We live in a world in which too often we rush to judgment about one another and seldom take time to listen to one another, particularly with the ear of the heart.”

He recognised that his Church’s actions had “deeply distressed” a number of people. “It is very easy to talk about homosexuality as an issue and forget we are talking about persons,” he said.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. But even better:

The report argues that when the writers of the key biblical texts were alive it was unlikely that there were any phenomena comparable to that of gay Christians living in same-sex relationships today.

Further, in comparison with the large number of biblical texts on wealth, poverty, greed and possessions, there is comparatively little on homosexuality.

Those biblical texts that do attack it have to be read in the context of the era, as has already happened with other prohibitions.

YES. Thank you so much for realizing that! I thought I was practically the only one who thought that was completely self-evident.

I never was all that keen on the Anglicans and Episcopalians before, but reading this has definitely made me feel a little bit better about the world today. I have always realized that not all Christians don't practice Christian values, but the Anglicans are showing that sometimes, even the big organized ones can get it right.
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