July 19th, 2005


General update on the state of the life

Let's see, read Harry Potter (some of it early...shhh) on Saturday morning, saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Saturday night (Yay! So good! They used the songs from the book!).

The weird thing is that on Friday, my feet and ankles swelled up and I couldn't figure out why. We finally decided it was an allergic reaction to spider bites, as I had three, two on my left foot and ankle (which was much worse) and one on my right ankle. Swelling went away, except around the worst of the three bites (where it went down), and all seemed good. Except they're swollen again right now. Wtf? My only thoughts now are that it's heat-and-humidity-related (gods, it's horrible up here, and I've never dealt well with heat), or that I'm developing a food allergy to Tim Horton's, which it has to be because I keep swelling prior to lunch but so long after dinner (the next day) that it HAS to be breakfast. To that, again I say wtf? I'm too old to be developing food allergies, dammit! It's probably the heat, actually.

Or I could have more spider bites. Hmm.

Actually, I think it's the heat as the swelling has gone down considerably while I've been typing, and it's always insanely cold in my office. But the spiders contributed last time, I'm sure. Damn spiders. I always knew they were trying to eat me!
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