July 20th, 2005


Spiders and feet and ears, oh my!

After five years of being ear-infection free, I appear to have another one.

I used to get them chronically, from when I was about 19-20; I had eight in sixteen months. Then I started using this combination of vinegar and rubbing alcohol that obviously worked for awhile. However, now my ear is throbbing and sloshy and just generally Not Good. I'm going home from work in a few minutes, actually.

I found a doctor through my health insurance for the first time and called, set up everything record-wise, yada yada. The recording you listen to on hold, incidentally, boasts of being able to do same-day appointments if you call by noon. It was 1230, but I was hopeful for tomorrow. In my experience, you Do Not Wait for ear infections.

So they tell me the earliest appointment is Monday. I'm all, "Er, no. Need earlier." They're supposed to call back to tell me if they can get me in tomorrow (or today, if I'm lucky). I sincerely hope so, because if not I'm stuck going to the hospital, and I don't want to pay for that.

But talk about false advertising!
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Update on seeing the doctor

I got an appointment for today. Apparently a combination of being really nice and apologetic, combined with saying, "Ow," a lot works.

I'm going to go now, even though it's not for a little over half an hour and it's ten minutes away. Make sure I find it and everything. Here's to having medicine soon!

I still think I'm staying home tomorrow, if only because I'm probably not going to sleep very well.
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