October 21st, 2005



A woman just asked me if anime would affect the theology indoctrinated in the children watching. (In those words, too.) Essentially, are they preaching BIG BAD BUDDHISM DESIGNED TO CORRUPT YOUNG INNOCENT CHRISTIAN MINDS!?!?!? She kept harping on Buddhism, actually. I tactfully decided to not mention Shinto.

I think her brain might have exploded at the idea of someone combining TWO religions.

Anyway, I tried to politely explain that religion really isn't that big a deal in Japan. No, really. No, really. Perhaps she cannot conceive of a country where religion isn't such a big fucking deal as it is here? The very idea of anime designed to sell Buddhist message à là the way certain sects of Christianity sell themselves amuses me terribly, actually.

(Why would they try to corrupt Christians anyway? It's not like there are all that many there. =p)

The funny part is, I think I won, because I'm pretty sure her young impressionable about-to-be-seduced-by-Buddhism daughter is going to come to the library anime screening.

You know, when she started to talk to me, I totally expected the conversation to be about porn.
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