October 26th, 2005



I'm better now, although I think I seriously alarmed my mother when I called her. (I was doing okay until the phone randomly refused to work for no apparent reason.) So, kind of cried out and such. I also tried to call cyrenasea and jaymian, but Jamie didn't answer and the phone went into its 'I REFUSE TO WORK!!!' state for Alli. Sigh. But zaph and neo_niisan called to find out what was up, and my dad, and by then I was sick of explaining. Heh.

I went to a photo shoot Jess's sister Amy was doing for her class before the pharmacy and that helped (I actually got some DECENT photos of me! *gasp!*), and then I found out at the pharmacy that 1. it was $130 dollars, not $430, the 4 meaning the number of doses, and 2. they got the wrong thing anyway, as I'm supposed to get pills, not injections. o_O I can see their confusion though; the pills have the exact same fucking name as the injection. Wtf, mate?

At least the pharmacist is hella cute. ^_-
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