November 27th, 2005


For those who wish to see me over the holidays

My return to my parents' will not be long, because I cannot be there for New Year's due to wasting all my vacation and then some on this stupid India trip. (Yes, while I am sort of looking forward to it, I still think it's stupid because I still can't take any goddamn vacation because of it.)

So, I will only be there from Dec 23, late, to the morning of Dec 27. Because I have to work both of those days. Sigh.

Let me know who will actually be around and when you are free. I think I will cry if joellehart is not there. ;_;

Oh, and I destroyed my (new!) pants today. I am angry and embittered. No, they can't be fixed; I caught them on the door latch and ripped them quite extensively and in such a way that can't be sewed back up. Good-bye, my lovely new comfortable pants. Hello, poverty.
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