December 20th, 2005



For all who were concerned, I have indeed returned from India. I was supposed to be back the 17th, Saturday morning. I instead finally made it home on Sunday. This led to a not-very-happy Harp who had not slept for three days, and thus I didn't work (or do much of anything) yesterday. I plan to write a long synopsis eventually, but as I am still the victim of a cold I brought home all the way from India, that will have to wait. For now, ten observations:

1. Newark Airport sucks.

2. Delhi has terrible pollution.

3. Stray cows wandering around cities are funny.

4. Continental Airlines sucks.

5. I will now appreciate having ice in my drinks and brushing my teeth with the tap with a fervent passion unmatched by anyone who has not gone to a place where you can't drink the water.

6. Driving in India is unparalleled. I used to think driving the Beltway was scary. No more. New York City has got nothing on that place.

7. Newark airport sucks.

8. Other animals spotted: peacocks, camels, elephants, rhesus monkeys (macaques), and others I'm sure I'll remember later.

9. Indian weddings take a long time, but are rather fun, in a strange "I have to dance in front of a horse?" kind of way.

10. Newark airport sucks.

More later.
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