December 23rd, 2005



One of my coworkers told me I sounded awful and kept trying to make me go home. I had sort of decided to go home early and take a nap before the ordeal of getting on yet another plane with a horrible cold (owww my ears!), but then it was revealed that my other coworker already has permission to leave early today, meaning I CAN'T go as there must be two people here at all times we're open.


It's not like I'm being terribly productive either. I'm too tired and scatterbrained to do much other than 1. Read Savage Love, and 2. Read livejournal. I think I'll work on my novel next.

I AM actually researching and writing little rhymes for my toddler storytimes too, so I am doing a LITTLE work. But I want to go home and sleep! Whine! Whine!

At least she's going to do my desk time for me.
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