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The return of the zombie horde!

While I wait for Jess to get up, I'm working on homework and sending my zombie horde after Carter for entertainment.

Me: Maybe I'll activate my credit card now.
Carter: Ok. o_o
Me: .......that was painless.
Me: It said to have your membership number ready.
Carter: ?
Me: So I had it all ready.
Me: It says, "Thank you for calling. We will now verify your phone number. *pause* Your card is now activated. Please remove the sticker. Thank you. Goodbye."
Carter: o_O
Me: So why did I need my membership number? ;_;
Carter: Just in case.
Carter: *nods conspiratorially*
Me: >_>
Me: You're in league with them!
Carter: What, me? I don't know what you're talking about!
Me: Zombies! ATTACK!!!!!!!!
Carter: O_O
Carter: *runs!*
Me: *giggles and sits back to watch the fun!*
Carter: Do you destroy everything that's painless and convenient? O_o
Me: Do I destroy things that are painless and convenient?
Me: No. I destroy things that are in league with things that are painless and convenient.
Me: *smile* Goodbye.
Carter: ...
Me: *sips a cocktail*
Carter: *dies* x_x

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