Seleca's Harp (selecasharp) wrote,
Seleca's Harp

Okay, I lied

So remember when I said I hadn't looked at LJ since November and I was going to start? Well, I still haven't, but I am going to do it now. Really! Wheeee! Expect comments on ooooold posts and such. :D

Also, I've injured my jaw somehow, so tomorrow I get to spend the day not talking, as it's usually okay in the morning and then gets more swollen progressively during the day, as I am forced to talk because, you know, I'm at work and stuff. Meh, stupid jaw.

I also had this detailed dream about a serial killer being after me last night, and I was also a forensic anthropologist, so I spent a good portion of it figuring out which severed limbs went with which body. This sounds like a nightmare, but strangely it wasn't. Just really odd.

Okay, back to working and surreptitiously catching up on LJ.
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